Artist Development is a large part of what the Boom Labs does.

Currently we have several artists we are working closely with that are on our Artist Development roster  Jessica Cayne is a dynamic soulful singer who writes songs that cut deep into the roots of your core.  With her powerhouse vocals and heartfelt lyrics she can captivate any audience.  Alexa is new on the Nashville circuit but should soon be making big waves. With a unique voice, creative songwriting, and electronic beats combined with live percussion and drumming by our very own Pino Squillace, Alexa brings a whole new feel to the indie pop genre.

Along with spending passionate and long hours working with our artists to create some great recordings we also have been designing a tour called “The Other Side of 615”.  This tour is designed to showcase the diversity of talent and musical styles that Nashville has to offer as well as giving our artists a chance to all go out on the road together and join into one undeniable force.

Other news to note:

Ben Sturgell has released his sophomore album, Music Box, which was produced and recorded by The Boom Labs.

Alexa has released her first EP produced by the Boom Labs and can be purchased here.

Jessica Cayne will soon be releasing her first EP produced by the Boom Labs in the next month.  Keep updated with her on her website.