aubrynAubryn has always known that music was her passion and she has never strayed from her goals of making music professionally. Having graduated from Stephens College with a BFA in Theater Arts with a minor in music, she moved to Nashville to pursue a second Bachelors in Songwriting. Since she moved to Nashville, she has hosted a popular open mic (now in its second year) as well as a weekly online webcam concert series called Aubryn’s Musiconversation (which celebrated its second year in November of 2014) in which she features a different musical guest every week.  She is currently recording her debut album which blends the genres of blues, folk, and americana, with cabaret influenced melodies. Her signature cloth headpieces and modern yet vintage inspired attire makes it easy to spot her in a room. Aubryn’s quirky songs maintain a sharp wit paired with catchy and often haunting melodies that tell surprising stories of multidimensional women